EXPRESSION XI (11) English


IMPROVE – International Survey for Patients with EndoMetrial Carcinoma: PeRspektiVe and Expectations on Therapy and Quality of Life.

The subject of this survey are the expectations of patients with endometrial carcinoma regarding therapy management. The aim is to characterize the patient group and to determine their assessment of therapy and side effect management.

What is the aim of this survey?

We would like to learn from you in this “Expression XI” survey – with the aim of finding out more about your symptoms through and after therapy and common concomitant diseases. In addition, we are interested in whether your lifestyle has changed after the diagnosis of the disease. We would also like to know your expectations about the doctors treating you or of the therapies you have chosen. Through your participation, you can contribute, so that the therapy of uterine cancer can be specifically adapted to the needs of the patients and improved. We would like to thank you very much for this!

What is the process?

You will receive a questionnaire to answer. As an alternative to the paper questionnaires, participation via the Internet (link below) is also possible. By completing the questionnaire or answering the questions, you agree to participate in the survey and that you are fully informed about this survey and understand the objectives of this survey. We have deliberately limited the number of questions to minimize the burden on you. We do not require any information that could lead to you specifically such as name, address or date of birth. The survey is anonymous. Filling out the questionnaire will take about 40 – 50 min of your time. If you filled out the questionnaires by hand instead of online, please return this questionnaire to the person from whom you received the survey or send it back to the address mentioned in the questionnaire.

Are there risks?

Participation Requirements:

Women 18 years of age and older may participate in this study:

  • Patients who have been diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma
  • Initial treatment, recurrences possible

Where can I particapte?

via participating study centres or via the link down below: